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Who is e3 – 2014 update

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Moving Forward in 2014

caryn_choice_pic_337As E3 moves into our second decade I am amazed at the fast paced expansion of essential oil information and aromatherapy products being mainstreamed into the U.S. market. It is thrilling!

We know the value of essential oils and the benefits they offer; we also know that each individual is unique and our essential oil preferences as well as how we choose to use them vary from person to person. E3 is committed to sharing both the art (each of us listening to what feels right for us) and the science (evidence based information to use as a guidepost) of aromatherapy; so that you have information to decide which essential oils / blends and which application methods best fit your circumstances.



Community Connections/Advisory Board
All of us at e3 use essential oils every day and experience the benefits they provide in supporting and maintaining a healthy, balanced life style. We also connect and learn from our aromatherapy community which consists of a vast array of practitioners, individuals and business associates, who use essential oils personally, within their specific scope of practice, and in manufacturing. Given the depth and far reaching extent of aromatherapy as an adjunct modality, we are creating an advisory board consisting of health care practitioners and business owners who model and speak to the safe, affordable and practical use of aromatherapy within their field of expertise. Our intention is that the advisory board will be available to share their knowledge and experience.


There is a great deal of essential oil information available, much of it is excellent, some of it is confusing, conflicting or simply stated – unsafe. One of our primary goals at E3 continues to be providing education on the safe, effective and affordable use of essential oils. We do this through classes, personal customer service, education posts, facebook and a new addition, private consultations.  Private consultations will consist of a deeper exploration of specific issues, essential oil protocol and follow up. (Please email us at for more information about setting up a consultation.)

  • Personal Customer Service: “Beyond the imagination” customer service is very important to us. As many of you know, all of us LOVE talking with you about aromatherapy. We encourage any and all communications, phone, email, heck we are even texting with our customers. Please continue to share your thoughts, uses, application methods, excitement and questions about aromatherapy.


Research and Health Care Facility Affiliation
E3 is participating with organizations whose focus is to provide unbiased research as well as those who are integrating aromatherapy into the health care industry. My involvement as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist professional, includes evaluating research, partnering in studies, designing and creating policy, procedures and education modules.

Here are a few of our projects for 2014

  • Oregon Holistic Nurses Association
     As director at large, I continue to be a part of an organization that brings allopathic and complementarypractitioners together to share and learn from each other. Our common goal is to support health by focusing on the “Whole” person.
  • CAM Board member for Ashland Community Hospital (ACH)
    2014 will be an exciting year as ACH was recently purchased by the Asante Health Care System. ACH has implemented policy, procedures and education for the following CAM modalities: aromatherapy, massage, guided visual imagery, Reiki, Healing Touch and pet therapy. The CAM team offers Caring Sessions on a quarterly basis as a way to introduce hospital staff to the CAM modalities.
  • Grants and Research
    We are committed to actively participating with health care facilities that study and document the uses and benefits of aromatherapy. One of the organizations near and dear to our heart is the Ascension Health Care System, which includes the St. Vincent Health facilities, located in Indiana; Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, as well as the St. Vincent Hospice and their Center for Healthy Aging. The Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital has received a yearlong grant to study aromatherapy with children in the hospital setting. The Hospice has received a private donation to create a Hospice Spa; which they will launch the first quarter of 2014. We are excited to be involved with these projects and look forward to sharing the status of the programs.