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How to choose your Aromatherapy Solution

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

heart_quote_home_page_316What makes our Heart Happy, our Heart Calm, and our Heart Sing…Connection!

We speak every day to the query, “Which essential oil is best for (specific issues or symptom); our experience over the years has shown that there is not one answer, it is as varied as each of us is unique. Yes, there are general guidelines, essential oil properties, etc. but your best answer will occur when you when you experience the essential oil/blend that offers that “Ahhhh moment” yes, that moment when everything connects and feels just right, even if it is only for a short “Connected in Comfort Moment”; sometimes it is just enough to shift us on a healthy trajectory.

We believe when choosing your Aromatherapy Solution it is important to ask the following questions:

  1. Which essential oil/blend is most appropriate for your intended use and current circumstances?
  2. Which carrier oil will be most beneficial to partner with that essential oil or blend?
  3. Which application method(s) how often to use and what dilution ratio is most appropriate for intended use?

The answer to each of the above will vary from individual to individual…Why? Because each of us is unique!  It is important to take the following under consideration when incorporating
essential oils into your personal day, your practice, or your facility.

  1. Age, weight, hydration level, skin type of individual.
  2. Their current state of health, physical as well as emotional?
  3. Are there facility policy or procedure guidelines (i.e. hospital and hospice) that need to be followed; as a health care practitioner how do you stay within scope of practice.

We love to CONNECT with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and share your aromatherapy questions and experiences.